The setting offers one large indoor space designed specifically for 345 with an adjoining outside area which will give children the choice to go outside or play inside whenever they wish.


In the light and airy room indoors, the walls are covered in colourful displays and posters. There are easels for painting, a sand tray and tables where play dough, puzzles and craft activities are available each day. There is a cosy story corner with big floor cushions and, in the home corner, a play house with a lovely kitchen and lots of dressing up clothes. Children can move freely from one activity to another in this spacious setting.


For the outside area water play is set up out here and there is a small paved surface for outdoor play, which can be used in all weathers. In all weather, children can access the garden and the children can play happily outdoors for most of the session if they so desire.


Pages Lane opens 9:00-15:30 Monday to Friday.

Children can stay for lunch on all days.

Preschool Manager:
Sarah Matejcyzk - NVQ Level 3

Preschool Deputy:
Clare Wright – NVQ Level 3


Preschool Practitioners:

Karin Ehrenbold - NVQ Level 3
Helen McCarthy - Level 2 and Level 3 NVQ Certificate In Pre-School Practice
Alison Rowles - NVQ Level 3 Childcare
Sami Moxon - NVQ Level 3 Childcare




345 Preschools
Chester House
Pages Lane
Muswell Hill
N10 1PR